Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Back........

Goodness it seems like it's been a while!! Sorry for the delay in posting - I've had all kinds of things happening lately. Without getting into too much detail, it all started with one family member having surgery; then the next day, another family member getting ill and having to be hospitalized; and then everything in between. Everyone is doing well now - Thank God!!!!
I've been stitching more lately. Been working on finishing my latest Blackbird Design - Loose Feathers #31 - Blessings and Kind Wishes. I've enjoyed stitching this piece. I can't say it's been quick, but it's been a fun one.

I also received my Pals Retreat piece to start stitching. It's the Madeira tin Kit and it's going to be so cute. We'll be doing some of the finishing in the classes so I've got to this stitched before October. It's going a lot faster than I thought considering it's over one. I really love the Gloriana Silks that came with the kit.

We decided to take a road trip to the Benntonville Battlefield this past weekend. There was an reenactment of how the soldier's lived during the battle. The Benntonville Battlefield is not too far from where I leave - only about a 40 minute drive. It was really neat to see the reenactors dressed up in the period clothing on horses and shooting muskets. They fired off a cannon which was so loud you could feel the ground shake beneath you. I wished they would have fired it off a few times in secession to get a real feel of it. We also decided to walk over to the little graveyard on the property. It looked to be the Harper Family grave site. Most of the stones were unreadable, but I did get a good picture of one of them. If you are ever in the area, this is a good place to see some of NC's history. It's pretty interesting and you don't have to spend all day seeing everything. If you visited when there was no reenactment going on, you could probably see and read everything within a hours time. We are definitely going to plan on visiting again to walk some of the battlefield trails.

I don't know about you, but I really do need this week's Dose of Serenity after the last 2 weeks I've had!!!!


fake lottery tickets said...

Well, all I can say is. Im hungry.

karen said...

your tin project is looking great! i haven't even thought about starting mine yet.

weekly dose of serenity is needed out here in AZ as well. thank you sooooo much, today was the day i could really use it.

see you in a month!

Michele said...

love your class piece! it's coming along great .. mine isn't! lol