Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Wild Kingdom!

Well we seem to have a Wild Kingdom right in own backyard! We have hummingbirds galore. They even become accustomed to us sitting on the deck. I've been surprised a time or two when they fly right up to me and hover for a few seconds and then go to the feeder. It's so temping to just reach up and touch them in mid-air. We only get one breed, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, in our region; but I could swear we have more than that one breed stopping by to feed! We've also got a rabbit or two that like to hang out in our back yard most nights. They're fun to watch. Right now they are liking my Crabapple tree.

I've been make these tasty treats over the weekend! I found the pan at William-Sonoma. I can't remember the name of the dessert but they a Denmark favorite from what I understand. I made the ones pictured above last week and used a Key Lime Custard filling and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. There are so many possible filings I want to try out now! I think any type of jam would work great; maybe a ham & swiss filling and then there's spinach and goat cheese that I want to try. I've got to stop it! Just thinking about them is making me hungry!

I've been stitching away on the latest Blackbird Design, "Blessings & Kind Wishes". I've got the roof almost done. I just love the colors in this piece. It's going to hard to stop working on this one to work on ornaments!

And, for your Weekly Dose of Serenity!!

Happy Stitching,


Petra said...

Your serenity photo is beautiful, it leaves me speechless...longing to book a ticket to the Caribbean.

Erica said...

Your little pancake balls are known as aebelskiver and are frequent treats for Danes. They are often stuffed with apple pieces, covered in powdered sugar and dipped in jam. Traditionally they're a sweet rather than savory treat, but I've often thought you could make some neat savory fillings. They're yummy - I grew up with frequent applications of them - my father is Danish. :-)

Michele said...

yummy! those looks wonderful! hmmmmm, I need one? lol

Love your hummingbirds .. aren't they just the coolest birds!

Nice picture .. thanks!