Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have some stitching to share! I'm not at full speed yet, but I'm getting there. As usually work has been crazy busy! All I want to do when I get home is veg; so stitching hasn't been happening very much around here! The above piece, "Rites of Spring", is about the only thing I can share right now. I finished up my F&S piece last week too but you'll have to wait until it's mailed and received to see a pic.

I also thought it would be nice to introduce my kitty, Rollo. She's also known as the Spawn of Satan around our house. She can be sweet only when she wants to be. The way we figure it, at least no one else has to put up with her.

Of course I couldn't leave out another Dose of Serenity from our trip to the Bahamas.

Other than working like a crazy women things have been pretty quiet. I'm gearing up for the Pal's X-Stitch Retreat in Myrtle Beach in October. This will be my second year participating and I'm so excited. I've still got a lot to do to get ready though. Stitching Grab Bags, Gift Grab Bags, framing, creative stitch piece, oh and ornaments - good gracious I need to get busy.

Well the grill is calling for the burgers! Until next time, happy stitching :)

Huggs, Malinda


karen said...

Rites of Spring looks great! i still have ALL of the same stuff to do before going to MB as well. I have my plane ticket though. WOOHOO! great pics!

Carolyn said...

Rites of Spring is beautiful! Great job (as usual) :)

Sonda in OR said...

Your kitty cat is beautiful! I just love that coloring.

Rites of Spring is wonderful! I really like that design and it's beautiful all stitched up!

I've nominated you on my blog with a Kreativ award; stop by sometime and check it out!!!

karen said...

Hi Malinda, please check out my blog as i also (like Sonda) have nominated you with a Kreativ blog award. LOL


Shelleen said...

You have an adorable cat. Your sampler looks great and have fun in MB

Shelleen said...

I just gave you the Kreativ Blog award on my blog :-)