Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Love Spring

Good Morning! Spring is in full force here in NC! I love this time of year. We've been having really nice days - temps in the high 40's in the morning and getting up to the mid-70's in the afternoon with some rain coming in throughout the day. I love thunderstorms, especially in the spring and summer. There's something about the beauty of seeing the sunshine and then dark clouds roll in and darken the sky. Everything looks so new and green with that kind of backdrop - I just love it! I just want to sit outside and watch if all! Unfortunately the lightning becomes a problem :) On evenings like that I just love to sit and stitch and listen to the thunder and rain - its so relaxing.
I'm so excited our trip is so close I can taste it! The upper 2 pictures are of the place we'll be going. Talk about seclusion! We'll have about 3-4 miles all to ourselves. My only requirement for this trip was palm trees and that blue water. I must say Bruce really searched high and low for the right place and I think he found heaven! I haven't even been there yet, but I just know it's going to gorgeous!
Well we bit the bullet and bought a really snazzy digital camera with an image stabilizer. Not sure what all that stuff means, but it takes some really nice closeup pictures - hence the bunny photo. I took a picture of this little fellow (well he's not that little!!) last night.
I've been stitching as usual. I received my kits for Blackbird's Where my heart blooms and Rites of spring early this week. I couldn't wait to start Where my heart blooms. I decided these will most likely be the pieces I'll be taking with me on our trip. I don't have a WIP picture yet, but maybe I can get one this weekend for you. I don't know if it's just me or some you feel the same way, but I just don't get into taking WIP pictures at the beginning of a project. I hate just seeing a small portion of a piece and not being able to tell what it's suppose to be. I have a hard time seeing the bigger picture - oh well :)
I mentioned in past posts that I would be working on With my Needle's Alphabet Sampler Book during my vacation, and I've already started the piece. I've about finished the 1st two pages of the book. I've run into a problem with personalizing the 1st page with my initials. I'm either very off with the placement of my 1st initial "M" or it's just too big to fit that space. So I put it down until I can figure out what to do - which knowing me, will most likely be a few weeks.
Happy Stitching for now!


Carolyn said...

Love the pics - enjoy your vacation - it looks lovely! Took the quiz - I agree with just about all you said, except I do like evenweave, too! And when I frame, it's pinning, not lacing. Call me lazy! Can't wait to see your finished stitching. Have fun!
Carolyn NC

With My Needle said...


A friend told me about your problem with your intial.

Email me directly, and I will try to help you.