Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some WIPs, a few movies and some answers to questions :)

Hello! Thank you all for the wonderful comments you've left me. I definitely don't think my eyes could stand 1-over for sometime. I use the magic eyes, but found I was getting headaches. It was probably because I tend to wear them along with my glasses!
Some of you had some questions that I'm going to try to answer.
FayeRaye, the pin cube was very easy to assemble. I just took it slow.....but caught onto it quick. I know you'll do just fine. It was really fun to put together.
Karyn, thank you for the compliments! For the ribbon, I followed the Twisted Stitcher's tutorial on rouched ribbon. It took some time, but the effect is well worth it!
Karen, when I got to the end of the length of ribbon I needed, I just tied off the thread. It's probably not the best way but at the moment that was what I ended up doing. I also folded the end of the ribbon in and basted the edge for a clean finish. You'll have fun making the ribbon!
Also wanted to show off some WIPs and recent stash. First I bought these five designs from Needleprint. I'm an avid read of the Needleprint blog and love the designs they reproduce. They are reproductions of old samplers from the Ackworth school in England. These booklets were a special; five for $60 and well worth the purchase. The booklets are very nicely done with information about the stitcher and the school. Needleprint also shares some really great freebies. check out the site when you have a chance.
Next is a WIP of With my Needle's Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif. I'm stitching it using GAST Currant. I really like this color. It's a very deep red and the linen is a WDW. The linen name has slipped my mind at the moment. I haven't looked for any coordinating fabric for the finishing yet but hope to soon.
I've also been working on CCN Winter Wonderland as well. I love the CCN series, all of them. I'm quickly accumulating the different series and can't stitch them quick enough.
I also decided to start Plum Street Sampler's Gloriana. This piece is stitching up really quick. I've recently discovered Hand Dyed Fibers Silks so I decided to stitch this piece using BeCherished Premium silk. This silk is really nice because it's a thicker thread that's one stand. Makes it very easy to use. This silk is so soft and hasn't knotted up on me like the DMC or some of the other silks I've used before. Definitely check them out if you have a chance; I'll warn you though, they are very addicting! I'm hoping to build a stash quick!
Now onto a few movies that I recently watched. First, Defiance. I highly recommend this movie. It a true story about Russian Jews seeking refuge from the Nazis. I also watched an old classic Hitchcock film - North by Northwest. It stars Cary Grant who is probably my favorite actor of that time. I've liked all the films I've seen of his. North by Northwest is about spies and has a little romance and humor thrown in as well.
Until next time, happy stitching :)

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Cindy's Stitching said...

The pieces you are working on are so nice. I recently finshed winter wonderland it is framed and hanging in my bedroom