Sunday, April 26, 2009

Allow me to Introduce

Miranda! Here's the finished bag I made for my Mother. I have to say I didn't know I could sew. I'm completely in love with this bag. I've already used the bag a couple of times myself. This is the perfect day bag - it will hold anything. I think I could even use if to carry a large type project like a Mira. The design is by Lazy girl Designs and it's called Miranda Day Bag. I used a little bird's nest broach as an added accent on the flap.

I can't wait to make one for myself! I ordered a Southwestern designed fabric last week and can't wait to get. I'm hoping it's waiting for me when I get back from the beach.

We've been really busy getting our things together for the beach. I figured I should show you what projects I plan to take along.

L&L Celtic Autumn (almost's been a WIP for a long time. I bought and started this project when it came out in 2003 - it's got to be the oldest WIP I have! I'm so embarrassed that I haven't finished it; I'm determined to finish it this summer).

Praiseworthy Stitches - Love (gift for my Mother)
The Sampler Girl - The Jane Austen Sampler Stocking (just in case I need a change)
LHN - 2 Red Houses (would like to finish this one at the beach) - Don't have recent WIP pic yet.
Mirabilia - The Dreamer (I'd love to start this one! I'm still waiting on the fabric to arrive. I really hope it makes it here before I leave for vacation!!)

Sorry to keep it so short but my stitching needle are calling me........Happy Stitching!


Kellie said...

The handbag that you made is gorgeous! And I love the pictures of all your wips. May I ask where you found the tiny floss boxes? Those are fabulous for organizing threads for one project. Have fun at the beach! :)

Chris said...

The handbag looks really cool, you did a great job. And L&L Celtic Autumn is beautiful. My oldest UFO is L&L Angel of Hope, you're inspiring me to get her out of the bottom of the stitching bag. Have fun at the beach. Which beach? If Myrtle, wave to my Dad, he's there this week too. :-)

Carolyn NC said...

Love, love the Miranda bag! Fantastic stitching!

RuthB said...

Wooo hooo..... Now, doesn't that look like the perfect ting to make for your grab bag and gift bag for MB. Every year....Forever! Then I'd have a chance of winning one!

Michele said...

omgosh! you said you didn't know if you could sew?? wow! that bag looks professionally sewen .. you definately can sew! When I can I send you my order for one?? lol

have a great vacation!