Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Dancing :)

Not much new to report other than a few happy dances. We were suppose to get some snow this weekend but as it turned out we only got a trace. DH and I were really wanting some accumulation - oh well! It did turn bitterly cold yesterday and today and the weather folks are talking about more bad weather for tomorrow. Freezing rain - yuck!!!!

I started Just Nan's Spring in the Square on New Year's Day and finished it on the 7th of January. I really like how it came out. Now I want to do the other four seasons :)

I started this crocheting project right after I finished the JN piece and finished it up in about a weeks time. I wanted something as a center piece on my dinning table and this design was just big enought to look right. I still have to wash and press the piece, which I should have done this weekend, but got too lazy :)

I really wanted to do a long oval table runner - but ran into problems when I started.....I tend to get a little ambitious sometimes. So I backed off from doing a table runner for now.

Happy Stitching,

1 comment:

Michele said...

wow, take my breathe away .. that crocheted doiley is incredible!

so is your JN finish .. congrats on the finishes :)