Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bah Humbug........

I'm have a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit this year! I don't know what it is - maybe its the frantic stitching on ornaments or running around with half-decent or the usual same ole' lists for everyone; maybe, I just don't know. I did have a great escape last weekend to AmySC's home in Manning, SC. We had a wonderful stitchin at her new home which is just gorgeous! We got to catch up with all the ladies that attended and do a little shopping at Down Sunshine Lane - Amy's home based stitching store - I don't know how she controls herself with all that stash sitting in the next room! This is a great group shot of us all... (left to right - Deborah, Chris NC, Myra SC, Amy SC, me, Carolyn NC, and Renee SC). BTW, the new Garrman(sp?) GPS nearly paid for itself on this trip. I did manage to make a wrong turn when I got real close to Amy's house. But quickly recovered and got back on the right route.

When I returned home Bruce (DH) got me in the spirit by pulling out our Christmas Tree.....Sunday I decided maybe putting the ornaments on the tree would help. I found myself starting to just put the ornaments up where there was a spot. Not really caring where they ended up. I don't even have a topper on my tree yet! That's pretty bad.

I'll pull out of this funk sometime - hopefully sooner than later! I think having a week off around the holiday's will help tremendously!

It might be that this year is going to be my first year without my Baby Jake. I sure miss ya bud!


Michele said...

oh sweetie .. it's hard when the Christmas funk hits isn't it :( I hope you find your Christmas spirit. I'd love to see pictures of your tree!

Amy said...

Hi Malinda,
You're welcome in my home anytime, and do bring Bruce! :) Sorry to hear about the mood you're in. I sure hope you will get the Christmas spirit soon! Is your tree up? Would love to see pics!!

Sendings hugs & hello to Bruce!