Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out with the Old......

In with the new! Just a quick post to show off what we've been doing around the house. My new motto this year (and part of last year) has been to Simplify!! We've been taking every chance we can get to go through closets, redo rooms, and downsize. Last weekend we redid our master bedroom. Before, the room was so cluttered - heavy with furniture and computer stuff! We painted and got rid of a lot.

Here's the before - sorry but it was very messy the day this pic was taken!!!!


The little beige dresser with the blue humidifier on it will be going soon. I'm having a hard time parting with it because it was my dresser as a child and my Mom used it when she was a child. I may refinish it and use it in my stitching room. Need to find room for it there!!
Now onto more important stuff. Here's some pics of my 2010 Nashville Market stash. It was so hard to decide what I wanted most. I always get excited each year when Market comes around.

I went ahead and bought the fabric/fibers for the following new projects. I'm itching to start one of them so bad. But I'm resisting temptation! I've got 2 more exchanges pieces to finish (almost there too) so maybe I'll be able to start one tomorrow.

Here's With My Needles - Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif.
Went with GAST Currant as the fiber color.
Plum Street Samplers - The Queen's Crowns.
I decided to go with GAST Royal Purple; still have to pick the border color.

Not sure if you know it this but I'm a huge old movie fan. Love the movies from the 40's & 50's. I watched one last night called Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock. It was really good. If you like older movies you'll have to check this one out! I believe it was the only Hitchcock movie to be nominated for an Oscar.
Until next time, Happy Stitching!!


FayeRaye said...

Mel...I hate I missed the big reveal at Lazy Daisy!~ I know Sarah had lots and lots of goodies...LOVE your choices..I actually have a couple of the same on my wish list~~ Enjoy, Faye in Southern Pines

Sharlotte said...

Downsizing is a grat great thing that EVERYONE should at least consider if not actually do. Kudos to you for doing so. I need to as well. Love the new stash, especially the needlwork set. I would keep the dresser if it were me and use it in your stitching room. It has drawers for stash , and it does , afterall , have special sentiments attached to it.

Sherri said...

Doesn't downsizing and simplifying feel soooo good? Love your market stash, my LNS is having their market party tomorrow night. I'm going to try to be good.

I watched the Alfred Hitchcock Rebecca not too long ago. Loved it!

Take care, Sherri

Mare said...

Doing the spring cleaning thing at our place too. Great stash haul, enjoyed your fabby/ floss choices! And love the finishes, especially the pillow.


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