Monday, September 7, 2009

Stitching Stash.....& Finished Bathroom

It's been busy here, as usual. Can't show any stitching pics today as I've been stitching on exchanges. You'll get a peek at them eventually. I can share some stash I picked up recently. Unfortunately the shop I got the stash at was downsizing/remodeling and getting rid of all the cross stitch. I figured it was a matter of time once the new owner took over. The shop was a combined needlework, cross stitch, and framing shop and the new owner only did needlework only. It's too bad because I've visited the shop for gosh has to be at least 15 years.

Here's what I picked up - no new charts (the new owner hadn't picked up any newly released charts since she took over and the selection was huge, but a lot of very old charts) but I did find a lot of nice hand-dyed fabrics and basic whites/neutral tans. I picked up what I could get my hands on. I also picked up all the WDW & GAST that I knew of for projects I wanted to complete. Everything was 50%.

The shop was also selling all the models on display. It was kind of annoying trying to get the Owner to price them. She admitted to me if she didn't like it she sold it cheap.....if she did like it, she would select this crazy price......anyway, I had admired this nativity set for as long as I can remember and luckily it was one of the pieces she didn't like because I got it for $25! It'll be fun displaying this during the holidays (I might just leave it out year round ;) )

Now onto the tiring task of finishing our bathroom. We've finished what were going to do for now (want to do the floor someday soon). As you can see in this panoramic trip around the room - it's tiny bathroom!

I'm really proud of the pull out drawers Bruce built for me. I've got so much more space and can actually put my morning stuff away now. I'm very lucky to have someone so handy.

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and commenting. I really enjoy getting your comments. Until next time, happy stitching :)


Carolyn NC said...

I remember the original store and the one before that (and all the other owners, too. Glad you were able to get such great stash and pieces! New bathroom looks nice1

FayeRaye said...

The stash looks great!!! If it is a NC shop, I wish I knew about it!! (your bathroom is cool too!)

RuthB said...

Ooo, good stashing and an even lovlier remodel! congrats on both.

I'm sorry about the shop keeper mucking around with your shopping experience, but you did get some nice deals at least.

Sharlotte said...

Been checking out blogs of members of HOE/HOE II and ran across yours.
You lucky duck,getting all of that linen 50% off,and those overdyes! I like the way your bathroom is turning out.I think the countertop goes great w/ the cabinets.I was reading through some of your other posts and see that you are working on LHN Two Red Houses. I have that in my kitchen and have a picture of it on a recent post on my blog if you want to take a look at it.

Take care!

Sherri said...

Hi Mel, I didn't realize she was selling out the cross stitch stuff. Makes sense, though. Glad you got some good stuff.

Thanks for posting on my blog - I'm watching the original Dark Shadows from the very beginning (from even before Barnabas) and loving it. I'm somewhere in 1968. I haven't seen any of the Revival, so I'll have to start those when I finish the original.

Love your bathroom!

Cindy's Stitching said...

very nice bathroom - really like the mary & joseph cross stitch

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