Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Summer Sure Flys By.......

Even when not much is going on! I know it's been a super long time! I don't have much stitching to report. The only stitching I've done is shown above - a little work on PWS - Love and LHN - 2 Red Houses. I also finished a F&S Summer exchange for my partner in Finland. I swear it never fails when I finish an exchange I forget to take pictures of the piece!! Don't know why I always forget - I guess I'm just excited to have it done and want to get it in the mail ASAP! Hopefully Daniela will post pics on her blog that I can hijack later!

I've been studying a lot lately for a certification I'll be testing for in November so stitching has been put on the sidelines lately. Hopefully this certification will help further my career options in the future.

Now onto the major project going on in our house! B & I decided to start doing a bathroom renovation! It's funny how obsessive I've become picking out paint, fixtures, vanity tops, etc. We decided to replace everything except the tub, toilet & vanity base. I ordered the new vanity top and sink this week....that was pretty exciting. As you can see from the pictures I've got a really white bathroom. No color except for the curtain and towel cabinet (which is coming out). I based my new colors off the shower curtain but kept it really neutral so I can change it later if I decide to. Please excuse the messy vanity top! (Bruce decided to empty/remove the med cabinet to see if the new one would fit and I haven't put everything back) and NO that is not the new med cabinet on the wall - he just put the old one back for now.

Picture 1 is of the colors I'm thinking about for the new bathroom - I did go with the Formica laminate shown. I'm leaning toward painting the walls the lighter shade on the left. You can't tell but the color has a light green hue to it. It's a big debate between Bruce & I - he says it brown I say it's green!

Picture 2, 3 & 4 - random shots of the bathroom.

So basically we've finished the ceiling at this point and ordered some of the new stuff. Bruce removed the old popcorn ceiling and patched and painted the new flat ceiling. We added a little texture to the ceiling which is very subtle. Now we're onto priming the walls & door and waiting for the new stuff to arrive :) It's funny because it looks like everything we have to order will take about 2 weeks (or more) to come in. It reminds me of the line from Oh Brother........"now ain't this place is geographical oddity!"

Now for your Weekly dose of Serenity........A view of the ocean from atop the St. Augustine, Fl. Castillo de San Marcos


FayeRaye said...

I had to laugh at your F/S exchange comment about forgetting to take a photo! I JUST today emailed my partner to tell her I forgot to do that!!! hang in there sister...Oh, the bathroom project will be over soon! promise!

Carolyn NC said...

Projects seem to take forever, but once you're done - wow! Look forward to seeing the finished masterpiece. Nice progress on your WIP's.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Nice shot, at a quick glance I thought it wast the fort in St. Augustine, but I never went inside.