Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yule Rejoice - Miracles Happen

I have got to thank all of my blogger friends for sending kind wishes and words of encouragement. Thank you for keeping my family in your prayers!

I stitched "Yule Rejoice" from the 2008 JCS Ornament issue for my Mom. It was going to be a Christmas gift, but I figured it was appropriate as a Birthday Gift! Did you know that when you have a heart transplant you get a new birthday? She gets to celebrate her birthday 2 months in a row now! As soon as I saw the design in the magazine I thought of my Mom. She used to figure skate when she was a little girl and has very fond memories of skating. (I'm hoping we'll get her on ice skates in the near future.) I decided to try my hand at making a flat fold - I think it came out great for a 1st try. I wanted something she could leave out throughout the winter so I think this was fitting. I used some antique beads for the pins which made it just pop. It looks like a snowflake :)
Keep reading if you want an update on Mom's progress !!!!

I can say things are starting to return to normal. Things will never been the same again; they'll be even better! Mom has been doing outstanding since her heart transplant. She's had 3 heart biopsies since October 19th (1 every week for the first 4 weeks) and the results have been great. No sign of rejection so that means with each good result they lower her dosage of Predisone. Each day she's getting stronger and doing more and more exercise. Bruce and I have been travelling a lot since October 19th. I think this weekend is the first we've actually taken for ourselves and have not had something we had to catch up on or get ready before we leave town again. I'm definitely not complaining - We have enjoyed all the time we get to spend with my family. It's a learning experience watching my folks go through this new routine with meds and blood sugar monitoring. Mom developed post-transplant diabetes which should go away with time (meds plays a big part in it).

Since things have been so busy, my blogging has been put on hold. I'm hoping to get back to it now. A lot has been done in the meantime which I plan to share in the next couple of posts. I think the easiest way to share everything is by creating separate posts - at least it will help me so I don't forget anything.
Thanks again for hanging in there with me! Keep checking back for updates :)


Carolyn NC said...

So good to hear the continued good news about your mom! She'll treasure the flat-fold, I'm sure. Good to have you back.

Sherri said...

Welcome back, Malinda. I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well. Your flat-fold is beautiful, she'll love it! Take care.

Cathy said...

Glad to hear that your Mom is doing better. I like the flatfold. Very pretty.

Shelleen said...

I am glad to hear that your mom is doing well. Love the flat fold

Michele said...

Mal, so nice to hear from you! and I'm glad you gave us an update on your mom! Sounds like things are going really well :)

Love the flat fold! I'm sure your mom will love it too!

karen said...

I am sooo glad everything is going great with mom! I've been thinking about you hoping all was going great! Your mom will love that flat fold, it is gorgeous!!!

Happy New Birthday to Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

That's very pretty! I love the design, and you did a great job.

Best of luck to your mom.

Ruth said...

Woo hoo!!! You go Mom!!!!

Hugs to you all. And congratulations on your second birthday stitching -- it's perfect!

Carol R said...

Beautiful flatfold!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your mom