Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekly Dose of Serenity 2.....

I haven't had much to report lately....I've been super busy at work. I like being really busy but lately it's been interfering with my personal life - so I'd have to say it's getting to be a little much. I think things are going to be slowing down a bit, thankfully. I'm still in my stitching slump! I'm trying to motivate myself by putting a few stitches in Rites of Spring here and there. It's coming along pretty well, but haven't really been in the mood to stitch.

Ruth, I did start some of Christmassy stitching - LOL :) I've stitched 1 ornament that I need to do the finishing on and I started another one. I need to buy supplies for the other ornies I want to stitch - but that may have to wait! Hubbie & I are starting to feel the pinch of the gas prices so we've got to tighten the belt a little.

I'll try not to let too much time pass until my next post!

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